Albion Park

R1 Tab14:19:00
R2 Sky Racing14:38:00
R3 Asset Body Corporate Bribie Island15:04:00
R4 Marburg Hotel15:27:00
R5 Expat Lodge15:47:00
R6 Thirty Talks @ Stud16:07:00
R7 Garrard's Horse And Hound16:27:00
R8 Fabregas @ Stud16:47:00
R9 Box1photography.com17:08:00
R10 Greyhound Adoption Program17:25:00

Angle Park

R1 Van Leeuwen Pipe & Tube (queens) Stake17:40:00
R2 Hallite Seals Maiden Stake17:58:00
R3 Broens Engineering Stake18:22:00
R4 Dinki Di Engineering (queens) Stake18:40:00
R5 Roc Hydraulics19:07:00
R6 Iscar Tooling19:25:00
R7 Ezy-fit Engineering Group Mixed Stake19:49:00
R8 201920:10:00
R9 S.p.h Trading Mixed Stake20:28:00
R10 Signlab Stake20:46:00
R11 Cash Up Your Club @ Grsa Stake21:08:00


R1 Gap. Max 6 Dogs17:28:00
R2 Just Copiers. Max 6 Dogs17:48:00
R3 Sires On Ice. Max 6 Dogs18:08:00
R4 Download The New Watchdog App18:30:00
R5 A1 Signage Ht118:48:00
R6 Country Championship (no City Wins) Ht119:10:00
R7 Bottle-o Ht219:28:00
R8 Vw Caddy Runner19:49:00
R9 Country Championship (no City Wins) Ht220:10:00
R10 Eureka Concrete Ht320:28:00
R11 R & J Batteries Ht420:52:00
R12 Backmans Pet Foods Ht521:09:00


R1 Bendigo Advertiser (0-1 Win)13:50:00
R1 Download The New Watchdog App (300+rank)13:02:00
R2 Nine Bendigo (1-3 Wins 250+ Rank)14:14:00
R2 Supayou Live Video Streaming (300+rank)13:27:00
R3 Jarrod Larkin Concreting (300+rank)13:44:00
R3 Tab Multiplier (250+ Rank)14:34:00
R4 Aussie Infrared @ Stud (300+rank)14:04:00
R4 Download The New Watchdog App14:49:00
R5 Jarrod Larkin Concreting15:09:00
R5 Mannings Greyhound Complex (300+rank)14:23:00
R6 Chasers Function Centre (300+rank)14:44:00
R6 Country Championship Ht115:24:00
R7 Chasers Function Centre15:45:00
R7 Triple M Bendigo 93.5 (300+rank)15:01:00
R8 Bendigo Advertiser (2+wins) (300+rank)15:23:00
R8 Country Championship Ht216:09:00
R9 Hip Pocket Bendigo (300+rank)15:44:00
R9 Supayou Live Video Streaming16:28:00
R10 Aussie Infrared @ Stud (250+ Rank)16:50:00
R10 (300+rank)16:04:00
R11 Hit 91.9 Bendigo (250+ Rank)17:12:00
R11 Nine Bendigo (300+rank)16:23:00


R1 Sthn. Engine Reconditioning Stks17:38:00
R2 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Stakes17:54:00
R3 Mr Bugs Pest Control Stakes18:14:00
R4 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes18:36:00
R5 Margins @ Stud Stakes18:54:00
R6 Ladbrokes Cash In 1-2 Wins Stakes19:16:00
R7 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stakes19:37:00
R8 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes19:55:00
R9 Stakes20:16:00
R10 Bulli Gold Cup Saturday Night Stakes20:36:00


R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park20:12:00
R2 Try The Chef's Special20:32:00
R3 Property Plus Real Estate20:47:00
R4 Sully's Painting21:06:00
R5 Perth Cup On March 2321:23:00
R6 Box 1 Restaurant21:38:00
R7 Tabtouch Better Your Bet21:53:00
R8 Fuller Fitness22:09:00
R9 Sign Strategy Call Phil22:30:00
R11 Giddy-up23:08:00


R1 Winning Post Supplies - Max. 6 Dogs17:18:00
R2 Casey Steel - Max. 6 Dogs17:41:00
R3 Tab Multiplier - Max. 6 Dogs17:57:00
R4 Ram Locksmith - Max. 6 Dogs18:17:00
R5 Cranbourne To Sandown Ht118:39:00
R6 Cranbourne To Sandown Ht218:57:00
R7 Cranbourne To Sandown Ht319:19:00
R8 At Cranbourne - Greyhounds Are Our Life19:40:00
R9 Download The New Watchdog App19:58:00
R10 Rapidvite Animal Products20:19:00
R12 Backmans Pet Foods21:01:00


R1 Happy Birthday Dapto Dogs Maiden17:43:00
R2 Masters Stakes18:07:00
R3 Head To Tail Pet Complex Stakes18:25:00
R4 82 Years Young Stakes18:43:00
R5 Beteasy Summer Sizzle Heat 119:10:00
R6 Beteasy Summer Sizzle Heat 219:28:00
R7 Beteasy Summer Sizzle Heat 319:52:00
R8 Beteasy Summer Sizzle Heat 420:13:00
R9 Trackside Restaurant Stakes20:34:00
R10 Masters Stakes20:52:00


R1 Njk Constructions Maiden17:34:00
R2 Freemason Hotel Molong Stks17:54:00
R3 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes18:14:00
R4 Rfbi At Home Care Stakes18:34:00
R5 Ladbrokes Odds Boost 1-2w Stks18:54:00
R6 Tim Beattie Plumbing Stakes19:16:00
R7 Hogs Now Delivers Stakes19:35:00
R8 Ladbrokes Info Hub 1-2w Stakes19:55:00
R9 Follow Us On Facebook Stakes20:16:00
R10 Grnsw Pathways Stakes20:34:00


R1 The Bunyip Maiden Stake10:32:00
R2 Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Stake10:50:00
R3 Gawler Dry Cleaners Stake11:06:00
R4 Nixon's Function Centre Stake11:24:00
R5 Accell Therapy11:39:00
R6 Secure Racing Logistics Stake12:04:00
R7 Giddy-up Stake12:20:00
R8 The Bunyip12:42:00
R9 Gawler Dry Cleaners Mixed Stake13:06:00
R10 Nixon's Function Centre Stake13:24:00


R1 Redtv Productions Maiden11:22:00
R2 Maiden11:39:00
R3 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Maiden11:57:00
R4 Grnsw Pathways Stakes12:17:00
R5 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes12:35:00
R6 Eaglehawke Holiday Park Stakes12:52:00
R7 Ladbrokes Novice Series Final13:12:00
R8 Gibson & Harriden Constructions Stks13:27:00
R9 Ladbrokes Multiverse Stakes13:47:00
R10 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes14:07:00


R1 Absolutely Electrical Co08:32:00
R2 Whanganui Chronicle Co08:49:00
R3 Aon Cpf Ht 1 C009:06:00
R4 Palmountains Scientific Nutrition Ht 2 C009:24:00
R5 J P Print Petone C0 Final09:41:00
R6 Wanganui Toyota C109:59:00
R7 Liquorland Wanganui C110:16:00
R8 Hatrick Stakes C110:37:00
R9 The Rock 95.2Fm Ci10:53:00
R10 President Stakes C111:12:00

Hatrick Extra

R1 First Security C111:27:00
R2 Book Your Function@Hatrick C111:53:00
R3 Laser Plumbing C112:11:00
R4 Max Refrigeration C112:29:00
R5 Adept Accountants C212:46:00


R1 The Mercury18:04:00
R2 Tab Park Elwick18:19:00
R3 Sky Racing18:34:00
R4 Merged Pool Technology18:58:00
R5 Surepick19:22:00
R6 Crown Lager - Australia's Best19:43:00
R7 Tab Great Racing Offers20:07:00
R8 The Chase Newspaper20:25:00
R9 O'driscoll Coaches20:43:00
R10 Carlton Draught21:01:00


R1 Kankool Pet Food Maiden14:42:00
R2 Husqvarna Maiden14:57:00
R3 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Ht115:17:00
R4 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Ht215:37:00
R5 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Ht315:54:00
R6 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Ht416:21:00
R7 Shark Electronics Group Stks16:37:00
R8 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes16:57:00


R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park20:16:00
R2 $29 Thursday Buffet20:31:00
R3 Accell Therapy20:49:00
R4 Mandurah Stockfeeds21:11:00
R5 Quaddie Time21:30:00
R6 Mandurah Mail21:45:00
R7 Essential Refrigeration Services22:07:00
R8 A1 Salvage & Hardware22:23:00
R9 Sign Strategy Call Phil22:46:00
R10 Tabtouch Better Your Bet23:10:00
R11 Elders Insurance Call Justin23:26:00
R12 Love The Chase23:51:00

Mount Gambier

R1 Trackside Meats Maiden Stake10:34:00
R2 South Eastern Hotel Maiden Stake10:49:00
R3 Gambier Vets (n/p) Stake11:09:00
R4 The Produce Store (n/p) Stake11:24:00
R5 Klaassens Contractors (n/p) Stake11:42:00
R6 (n/p) Stake11:57:00
R7 Williams Crane Hire (n/p) Stake12:17:00
R8 Gordon Refrigeration (n/p) Stake12:37:00
R9 The Border Watch (n/p) Stake12:57:00
R10 (n/p) Stake13:15:00
R11 Rock's Retreat (n/p) Stake13:32:00
R12 Fairthorne Forestry (n/p) Stake13:57:00


R1 Ladbrokes Maiden Stakes13:52:00
R2 South Windsor Butchery Maiden Final14:07:00
R3 Wentworthville Leagues Club Final14:27:00
R4 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Stakes14:52:00
R5 Sires On Ice Stakes15:07:00
R6 Bess Electrical Stakes15:33:00
R7 Ladbrokes Cash In Stakes15:56:00
R8 Kevin Waters Towing Stakes16:19:00
R9 Castlewood Kitchens Stakes16:37:00
R10 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes16:57:00
R11 Steeline Riverstone Pathways Stakes17:12:00


R1 Wayne Clifford18:27:00
R2 Garrards Horse And Hound18:45:00
R3 Wendy Mulry Travel19:07:00
R4 Rocky Feed And Seed19:25:00
R5 Dynamic Electrical19:46:00
R6 Diplock's Collision And Repair Centre20:07:00
R7 Patlaw Securities20:25:00
R8 The Chase Magazine20:42:00
R9 Sandal Welding20:58:00

Sandown Park

R1 Cabac17:37:00
R2 Sunny Lighting (1-4 Wins) Final (vicgreys)17:55:00
R3 Prysmian Cables18:13:00
R4 Hpp18:37:00
R5 Clevertronics18:55:00
R6 Clenergy19:19:00
R7 Ipd19:40:00
R8 Repelec19:58:00
R9 Gerard Lighting20:22:00
R10 Ezystrut (250+ Rank) Final20:40:00
R11 Gsm20:58:00
R12 Greentech21:17:00

The Meadows

R1 Download The New Watchdog App10:22:00
R2 Grv Vic Bred Maiden Series S/f110:42:00
R3 Feikuai Greyhounds (250+ Rank)10:57:00
R4 Grv Vic Bred Maiden Series S/f211:17:00
R5 Sequential Property Services11:34:00
R6 Home Of 9 Group 1's11:49:00
R7 Join The 525 Club Now12:09:00
R8 Meadows Conference & Events Centre12:34:00
R9 Ajs Corporation Ht112:49:00
R10 Sky Racing Ht213:07:00
R11 Rsn - Racing & Sport Ht313:24:00
R12 Tab Multiplier Ht413:48:00


R1 Download The New Watchdog App10:55:00
R2 Warragul Toyota11:14:00
R3 Parnassus Steakhouse11:30:00
R4 Spolly's Syndications11:49:00
R5 Morland's Meats (1-2 Wins)12:06:00
R6 Blue Stream Pictures12:25:00
R7 East Ivanhoe Grocers12:43:00
R8 Luca Neveelk@stud13:04:00
R9 Top Cat Video13:19:00
R10 Wwr Sawdust13:39:00
R11 Australian Quality Pet Foods13:57:00
R12 Top Run Images14:19:00


R1 Download The New Watchdog App (vicgreys)17:04:00
R2 Capitol Cinema (1-2 Wins)17:27:00
R3 Kermonds Hamburgers17:46:00
R4 Coast Fm & 3yb (1-3 Wins)18:01:00
R5 Edwards Electrical (0-4 Wins) Gdr18:16:00
R6 Country Championship Wbl Heat18:31:00
R7 Warrnambool Fencing Specialists18:46:00
R8 Macey's Bistro19:01:00
R9 Wannon Function Centre19:16:00
R10 Norfolk Butchers Damsels Dash19:31:00
R11 Cassign Design Damsels Dash19:46:00
R12 Lightning Frank @ Stud Damsels Dash20:04:00