R1 The Fitz Sports Bar Sprint13:40:00
R2 Happy Birthday Shirley Mcmillan Dash13:58:00
R3 Kaisa Earthworks Ph.0272073323 Dash14:15:00
R4 Fox & Ferret @ The Palms Dash14:31:00
R5 Thursday Place Pick Sprint14:55:00
R6 Garrard's Horse & Hound Dash15:17:00
R7 Clarkson Sign Studio Stakes15:38:00
R8 Crate & Barrel Hotel Stakes16:03:00
R9 Amber Cleaning Services Stakes16:30:00
R10 Islington Tavern Stakes16:54:00
R11 Flair Sprint17:21:00
R12 Protexin Sprint17:46:00

Albion Park

R1 Fast Times @ Sires On Ice18:17:00
R1 Super Night This Thursday17:18:00
R2 Marburg Hotel17:37:00
R2 Tab18:37:00
R3 Brisgreys On Instagram17:57:00
R3 Sky Racing18:58:00
R4 Garrard's Horse And Hound18:14:00
R4 Sky Racing19:22:00
R5 Sky Racing19:43:00
R5 Sky Racing18:34:00
R6 Sky Racing20:07:00
R6 Sky Racing18:52:00
R7 Sky Racing20:28:00
R7 Sky Racing19:15:00
R8 Fast Times @ Stud20:52:00
R8 Sky Racing19:39:00
R9 Garrard's Horse And Hound21:13:00
R9 Thirty Talks @ Stud19:58:00
R10 Expat Lodge20:18:00
R10 Sky Racing21:38:00
R11 Box 1 Photography20:37:00
R11 Fast Times @ Sires On Ice21:53:00
R12 Fabregas @ Meticulous Lodge20:57:00

Angle Park

R1 G-six Nick's Cranetruck Sa (sa Owned) Stake18:40:00
R2 G-six Morris Finance Maiden Stake19:04:00
R3 G-six Salt Building Service Juvenile Stake19:25:00
R4 G-six Viva Sports Juvenile Stake19:49:00
R5 G-six Womens Afl Masters Mixed Stake20:10:00
R6 Rent A Fence Open Stake20:37:00
R7 G-six Afl Masters Stake20:55:00
R8 G-six Seaton Hotel21:19:00
R9 G-six Woodville South Cats (queens) Sake21:41:00
R10 Ian "bozzy" Boswell Free For All22:00:00
R11 G-six Cheryl Boswell Stake22:24:00
R12 G-six Cash Up Your Club @ Grsa Stake22:44:00


R1 Give Me 5 For Kids (0-1 Win)11:45:00
R1 Mannings Greyhound Complex - Grv Ht118:38:00
R2 Bill Wilkinson Optical - Grv Ht218:58:00
R2 Mannings Greyhound Complex Ht112:02:00
R3 Sports Vote Count - Grv Ht319:18:00
R3 Triple M Bendigo Cup Ht112:20:00
R4 Eascom Electrical Bendigo - Grv Ht419:38:00
R4 Mannings Greyhound Complex Ht212:38:00
R5 Greyhound Racing Victoria (1-3 Wins)19:58:00
R5 Triple M Bendigo Cup Ht212:55:00
R6 Cheer The 5 For Kids20:17:00
R6 Triple M Bendigo Cup Ht313:13:00
R7 Afl Half Time Special20:38:00
R7 Triple M Bendigo Cup Ht413:30:00
R8 Triple M Bendigo 93.521:00:00
R8 Triple M Bendigo Cup Ht513:46:00
R9 Before The Races On Supayou - Grv Ht521:18:00
R9 Triple M Bendigo Cup Ht614:04:00
R10 Hip Pocket Bendigo Winter Cup Ht121:38:00
R10 Triple M Bendigo Cup Ht714:23:00
R11 Hip Pocket Bendigo Winter Cup Ht222:02:00
R11 The Zone (275+rank)14:44:00
R12 Bendigo Advertiser22:17:00
R12 Bendigo Advertiser (275+rank)15:03:00


R1 Southern Engine Reconditioning Maiden17:27:00
R2 Mr Bugs Pest Control Stakes17:47:00
R3 Ladbrokes Odds Boost 0-3 Win Stakes18:03:00
R4 Ladbrokes Cash In Stakes18:21:00
R5 Ladbrokes Up For The Challenge Stakes18:39:00
R6 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes19:01:00
R7 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes19:23:00
R8 Bulli Sunday Markets Stakes19:46:00
R9 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stakes20:02:00
R10 Ladbrokes Bulli Battlers Stakes20:20:00


R1 Welcome To Cambridge Raceway Sprint09:42:00
R2 Superior Chunky Dog Rolls Sprint10:01:00
R3 Vetora Cambridge Sprint10:18:00
R4 Affordable Pet Accessories Sprint10:36:00
R5 Farmlands Virkon Stakes10:53:00
R6 Mayhounds Racing Retirement Project Sprint11:11:00
R7 The Clubhouse Sports Bar Sprint11:28:00
R8 Farmlands Coprice Sprint11:46:00
R9 Nz Racing Series Novice (C0-C1) Heat 112:03:00
R10 Nz Racing Series Novice (C0-C1) Heat 212:21:00
R11 Nz Racing Series Novice (C0-C1) Heat 312:38:00
R12 Mike Stent Decorators Ltd Stakes12:56:00


R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park20:42:00
R2 Try The Chef's Special21:05:00
R3 Box 1 Restaurant21:25:00
R4 Fuller Fitness21:45:00
R5 Greyhoundswa22:05:00
R6 Don't Be Silly Call Sully22:27:00
R7 Crocmedia Nationals Aug 2422:47:00
R8 Property Plus Real Estate23:02:00
R9 Sign Strategy Call Phil23:22:00
R10 Giddy Up23:37:00
R11 Accell Therapy23:57:00
R12 Secure Racing Logistics00:12:00


R1 Hotel Cecil Casino Maiden Stks11:24:00
R2 Richmond Valley Tyres Stakes11:42:00
R3 Signarama Masters Stakes11:57:00
R4 Casino Golf Club Masters Stakes12:17:00
R5 Radio 2lm & Triple Z Stakes12:35:00
R6 Clydesdale Steakhouse & Motel Stks12:52:00
R7 Ladbrokes Challenge Stakes13:19:00
R8 Ladbrokes Challenge Stakes13:39:00
R9 J.c Air Conditioning Stakes14:07:00
R10 Damien Pacitto Electrical Stks14:27:00
R11 Lisa Vanderstok Photography Stks14:47:00


R1 Rapidvite Animal Products17:00:00
R2 Spolly's Final (vicgreys)17:24:00
R3 Download The New Watchdog App17:40:00
R4 Cranbourne Track Star (vicgreys)18:00:00
R5 Ram Locksmith (275+rank)18:17:00
R6 Trio's Winter Cup Final (vicgreys)18:35:00
R7 Winning Post Supplies18:55:00
R8 The Backman's (vicgreys)19:13:00
R9 Casey Steel (1-3 Wins) (275+rank)19:35:00
R10 Top Cat Video (1-3 Wins) (275+rank)20:00:00


R1 Beteasy Dapto Dogs Stakes18:46:00
R2 Greyhounds As Pets Stakes19:10:00
R3 Acp Printing-promo's & Commercial Stakes19:34:00
R4 Km Tax Maiden Stakes19:55:00
R5 Shellharbour Roofing Stakes20:19:00
R6 Silver Collar Memorial Final20:40:00
R7 Stakes20:58:00
R8 Fuji Xerox Stakes21:22:00
R9 Dapto Loyalty Program Masters Stakes21:44:00
R10 Dapto Leagues Club Stakes22:07:00


R1 Wayne Mallison Painting Stakes18:35:00
R2 Rbfi Care At Home Stakes18:55:00
R3 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes19:15:00
R4 Grnsw Pathways Stakes19:35:00
R5 Tweed Heads Coursing 0-2 Stakes19:55:00
R6 Coffee Framing 0-2 Stakes20:14:00
R7 Tim Beattie Plumbing Stakes20:35:00
R8 Fully Promoted Dubbo Stakes20:57:00
R9 Duke's Ladbrokes Previews 1-3w Stks21:15:00
R10 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Exotics 1-3w Stks21:35:00


R1 The Bunyip (0-4 Wins N/p) Stake14:20:00
R2 G-six Gawler Dry Cleaners Maiden Stake14:36:00
R3 G-six Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Stake14:57:00
R4 G-six Nixon's Function Centre Mixed Stake15:11:00
R5 G-six Secure Racing Logistics Stake15:37:00
R6 G-six Accell Therapy Mixed Stake16:01:00
R7 201916:17:00
R8 201916:32:00
R9 G-six Giddy-up Stake16:50:00
R10 G-six The Bunyip Open Stake17:09:00
R11 G-six Gawler Dry Cleaners (n/p) Stake17:34:00
R12 G-six Secure Racing Logistics Stake17:59:00


R1 The Beckley Centre Geelong14:39:00
R2 Parker Pumps Final (vicgreys)14:54:00
R3 P & R Food Services15:12:00
R4 Jims Mowing - Geelong15:40:00
R5 Millers Muzzles (1-3 Wins) (275+rank)16:09:00
R6 Burns Archer Realty16:28:00
R7 Nardi Produce Veterans (vicgreys)16:47:00
R8 Outline Print Design17:05:00
R9 Pet
R10 Weddermoor Plumbing & Gas17:45:00
R11 Viatek Technology18:03:00
R12 Tts Electrics (275+rank)18:24:00


R1 Redtv Productions 0-1 Win Stakes11:31:00
R2 Ladbrokes Maiden Stakes11:49:00
R3 Goulburn Greyhounds As Pets Stks12:09:00
R4 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stakes12:26:00
R5 Ladbrokes Cash In Stakes12:44:00
R6 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Stakes13:07:00
R7 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes13:27:00
R8 Like Us On Facebook Stakes13:42:00
R9 Canberra@goulburn Stakes14:07:00
R10 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes14:27:00


R1 Taylor Family Clarence Valley Sheds Mdn Ht117:22:00
R2 Taylor Family Clarence Valley Sheds Mdn Ht217:42:00
R3 Taylor Family Clarence Valley Sheds Mdn Ht318:07:00
R4 Taylor Family Clarence Valley Sheds Mdn Ht418:32:00
R5 Taylor Family Clarence Valley Sheds Mdn Ht518:52:00
R6 Taylor Family Clarence Valley Sheds Mdn Ht619:10:00
R7 Taylor Family Clarence Valley Sheds Mdn Ht719:33:00
R8 Village Green Hotel Stks19:53:00
R9 Gdsc Stakes20:13:00
R10 Caldwell Electrical Services Stks20:33:00
R11 Ladbrokes Stakes20:53:00


R1 Proudly Supporting Good Friday Appeal10:40:00
R2 Women On Track Tickets On Sale Now10:58:00
R3 Fast Freddie's Tyre Service11:19:00
R4 Women On Track -21st July11:34:00
R5 Download The New Watchdog App11:49:00
R6 Silver Eagle Outfitters No.112:09:00
R7 Jason Mckeown Photography12:24:00
R8 Wild Grains Bakery No.212:44:00
R9 Hvl Football & Netball Club No.413:08:00
R10 99.1 Yarra Valley Fm No.113:27:00
R11 Greyhound Adoption Program No.213:52:00
R12 Tab Multiplier No.314:14:00


R1 The Mercury18:52:00
R2 Rapidvite.com19:13:00
R3 Surepick19:37:00
R4 Tasracing Early Speed Sectionals19:58:00
R5 Put Your Quaddies On20:22:00
R6 Hobart Breeders Classic (final)/46120:43:00
R7 Tab Multis21:07:00
R8 Cascade Draught21:28:00
R9 Winning Edge Kibble21:50:00
R10 Crown Lager - Australia's Best22:17:00


R1 Adopt A Greyhound15:22:00
R1 Greyhound Adoption Program16:22:00
R2 Sky Racing15:47:00
R2 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com16:44:00
R3 Sky Racing17:03:00
R3 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com16:12:00
R4 Dover & Sons17:18:00
R4 Greyhound_data.com16:36:00
R5 Dover & Sons16:55:00
R5 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com17:36:00
R6 Just Greyhound Photos17:55:00
R6 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com17:12:00
R7 Adventure Tourism Australia17:30:00
R7 Gj Walsh & Co18:10:00
R8 Greg Sternberg Vet Surgeon17:48:00
R8 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com18:25:00
R9 Owner Of Year 2015-robert Essex18:46:00
R9 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com18:10:00
R10 Greyhound Of Year 2015-fashion Advice18:27:00
R10 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com19:09:00


R1 Curtains & Blinds Launceston18:58:00
R2 Kingsley Jarman Fencing19:17:00
R3 Winning Edge Kibble19:40:00
R4 Cub20:00:00
R5 Furniture City20:20:00
R6 Simons Carpet One20:40:00
R7 Ulverstone Pet Foods21:00:00
R8 Congratulations Hello Nugget21:20:00
R9 Tasracing Data Driven21:42:00
R10 Tab Racing Centre22:07:00


R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park20:16:00
R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park20:27:00
R2 $29 Thursday Buffet20:31:00
R2 A1 Salvage & Hardware20:52:00
R3 Essential Refrigeration Services21:11:00
R3 Track Fashion20:46:00
R4 Mandurah Stockfeeds21:04:00
R4 Mandurah Stockfeeds21:27:00
R5 Giddy Up Quaddie Time21:25:00
R5 Track Fashion21:52:00
R6 Mandurah Mail21:47:00
R6 Mandurah Mail22:14:00
R7 Essential Refrigeration Services22:11:00
R7 Greyhoundswa22:29:00
R8 A1 Salvage & Hardware22:27:00
R8 Crocmedia Nationals Aug 2422:47:00
R9 Sign Strategy Call Phil22:47:00
R9 Sign Strategy Call Phil23:02:00
R10 Giddy Up23:17:00
R11 Elders Insurance Call Justin23:26:00
R12 Accell Therapy23:47:00

Mount Gambier

R1 G-six Fairthorne Forestry Stake13:04:00
R1 G-six Laser Electrical (n/p) Stake11:34:00
R2 G-six Metal Worx (n/p) Stake11:52:00
R2 G-six Swallow Drive Meats Stake13:24:00
R3 G-six Trackside Meats (n/p) Stake12:13:00
R3 G-six Winmore Greyhound Kennels Stake13:39:00
R4 G-six Jb Irrigation Mixed Stake14:01:00
R4 G-six South Eastern Hotel (n/p) Stake12:34:00
R5 G-six Gambier Vets (n/p) Stake12:52:00
R5 G-six Greg Martlew Autos Mixed Stake14:18:00
R6 G-six Rock's Retreat Stake14:33:00
R6 G-six The Produce Store (n/p) Stake13:12:00
R7 G-six Stake14:54:00
R7 G-six Klaassens Contractors (n/p) Stake13:32:00
R8 G-six The Border Watch Open Stake15:12:00
R8 G-six (n/p) Stake13:48:00
R9 G-six Gordon Refrigeration Stake15:27:00
R9 G-six Williams Crane Hire (n/p) Stake14:14:00
R10 G-six Gordon Refrigeration (n/p) Stake14:34:00
R10 G-six Williams Crane Hire Mixed Stake15:47:00
R11 G-six Fairthorne Forestry (n/p) Stake14:52:00
R11 G-six Stake16:04:00


R1 Ladbrokes Maiden18:48:00
R2 Bernipave Stakes19:08:00
R3 Ladbrokes Cash In 0-2 Stakes19:28:00
R4 Kevin Waters Towing Stakes19:48:00
R5 Bess Electrical Final20:08:00
R6 Vision Painting & Decorating Stakes20:30:00
R7 Castlewood Kitchens Stakes20:48:00
R8 Duke's Ladbrokes Previews Stakes21:08:00
R9 Kevin Waters Towing Masters21:30:00
R10 Richmond Racing Every Friday Night Stakes21:48:00


R1 Monacellars (3+starts) (250+rank)18:14:00
R2 Trfm (3+starts) (250+rank)18:41:00
R3 G&t Sharp Plastering19:05:00
R4 Rotti Security19:25:00
R5 Yes Optus (1-3 Wins) (250+rank)19:45:00
R6 No.1 Car Wash - Sale20:05:00
R7 Gippslands Gold 98.320:23:00
R8 Dunkley's Machinery Gdr20:45:00
R9 James Yeates Printing & Design21:05:00
R10 Ian Carter Builder Veterans (vicgreys)21:24:00
R11 Cabinet Connections21:45:00
R12 Sale Motor Group (250+rank)22:06:00

Sandown Park

R1 Follow Us @sandowndogs17:32:00
R2 Good Luck Vic's In Brisbane!17:57:00
R3 'click To Bet' In Watchdog App18:14:00
R4 See 'venue Mode' In Tab App18:34:00
R5 Download The Tab App Final18:55:00
R7 Rsn927 - Racing & Sport19:40:00
R8 Mckenna Heats Next Week!20:04:00
R9 Accell Therapy20:25:00
R10 Secure Racing Logistics20:49:00
R11 Giddy-up21:10:00


R1 Chenery Plumbing14:24:00
R2 Gv Party Hire14:49:00
R3 Byers Electrical (275+ Rank)15:09:00
R4 Shepparton Workwear & Safety15:37:00
R6 Goulburn Valley 95.3 Triple M16:19:00
R7 Shepparton News16:34:00
R8 Racers Function Centre16:57:00
R9 Go The 5 Dog Ht117:24:00
R10 Give Me 5 For Kids Ht217:42:00
R11 Hit Fm Hits And Old School18:07:00
R12 Ckh Painting (275+ Rank)18:28:00

The Gardens

R1 Welcome To Newcastle Greys 0-2w Stks14:44:00
R1 Welcome To Newcastle Greys Mdn16:14:00
R2 Men's Shed Maiden16:37:00
R2 1-2w Stks15:09:00
R3 No Donuts @ Stud Stakes15:34:00
R3 Sires On Ice Heat 116:52:00
R4 Mobile Money 1-2w Stakes15:58:00
R4 Sycronix Alarm Monitoring Ht217:12:00
R5 Awesome Project Stakes16:20:00
R5 Stks17:32:00
R6 Complete Plant Repairs Stks17:52:00
R6 Keybow @ Stud Stakes16:39:00
R7 From The Track Heat 318:07:00
R7 Ladbrokes Red Dog Final16:58:00
R8 Bishop Collins Stakes17:20:00
R8 Red Tv Stakes18:28:00
R9 Newcastle Comm. Refrigeration Stks17:37:00
R9 Stks18:51:00
R10 From The Track Stakes17:55:00
R10 Steve Whalland Race Images Ht419:16:00
R11 Stks18:18:00
R11 Ladbrokes Heat 519:32:00
R12 Ht 619:54:00

The Meadows

R1 Happy Retirement Marg Long! Final18:42:00
R2 Thankyou Marg For 20+ Years19:05:00
R3 Teeka's Lucky 819:27:00
R4 Go Again Young Fella Chase19:50:00
R5 Rsn - Racing & Sport20:12:00
R6 Tab Afl Half Time Special20:35:00
R7 Home Of 9 Group 1's20:57:00
R8 Meadows Conference & Events Centre21:17:00
R9 Shepparton To Meadows Final21:37:00
R10 We Love & We'll Miss You Marg Long21:57:00
R11 Marg Long The Superstar22:17:00
R12 Sequential Property Services22:32:00


R1 Warragul Toyota12:17:00
R2 Parnassus Steakhouse12:37:00
R3 Wwr Sawdust (2-3 Wins)13:04:00
R4 Spolly's Syndications13:19:00
R5 Top Run Images (1-2 Wins)13:39:00
R6 Blue Stream Pictures13:54:00
R7 East Ivanhoe Grocers14:17:00
R8 Australian Quality Pet Foods14:37:00
R9 Morland's Meats15:01:00
R10 Top Cat Video15:25:00
R11 Luca Neveelk@stud15:44:00
R12 Download The New Watchdog App16:07:00


R1 Wannon Park Bingo - Thursdays16:54:00
R2 Norfolk Butchers17:17:00
R3 Warrnambool Fencing Specialists17:39:00
R4 Coast Fm & 3yb18:00:00
R5 Macey's Bistro (1-3 Wins) (250+rank)18:25:00
R6 Lightning Frank @ Stud On Facebook18:43:00
R7 Cassign Design (1-4 Wins)19:07:00
R8 Grv Vic Bred Series Final (vicgreys)19:28:00
R9 Kermonds Hamburgers (250+rank)19:52:00
R10 Capitol Cinema (250+rank)20:13:00

Wentworth Park

R1 Duke's Ladbrokes Previews Masters18:58:00
R2 Peter Mosman Opal Dinner 13/7 Stakes19:20:00
R3 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Masters19:43:00
R4 Xmas In July 27/7 Book Now Stakes20:05:00
R5 Nsw Bred Final20:27:00
R6 Zoom Top Flying420:50:00
R7 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes21:09:00
R8 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes21:29:00
R9 Stakes21:49:00
R10 Ladbrokes Cash In Stakes22:09:00