Albion Park

R1 Tab15:12:00
R2 Asset Body Corporate Bribie Island15:27:00
R3 Marburg Hotel15:47:00
R4 Expat Lodge16:07:00
R5 Thirty Talks @ Stud16:22:00
R6 Garrard's Horse And Hound16:47:00
R7 Fabregas @ Stud17:03:00
R8 Box1photography.com17:27:00
R9 Greyhound Adoption Program17:47:00
R10 Zillmere Sports Club18:07:00

Angle Park

R1 Sky Racing Maiden Stake11:39:00
R2 Kurt Donsberg Photography Stake11:55:00
R3 Mcqueens Tavern Stake12:14:00
R4 Cinderella's Commercial Cleaning Stake12:39:00
R5 Mixed Stake12:57:00
R6 You. Me. 6 Weeks. Stake13:24:00
R7 @thedogssa13:44:00
R8 Cash Up Your Club @ Grsa Mixed Stake14:12:00
R9 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Stake14:39:00
R10 Bargain Steel Centre14:57:00
R11 Giddy-up15:12:00
R12 Accell Therapy15:27:00


R1 Vw Caddy Runner (max. 6 Dog)14:14:00
R2 Just Copiers (max. 6 Dog)14:34:00
R3 A1 Signage (max. 6 Dog)14:49:00
R4 R & J Batteries Ht115:09:00
R5 Sires On Ice Damsels Dash (vicgreys)15:32:00
R6 Aussie Infrared Damsels Dash (vicgreys)15:54:00
R7 Backmans Pet Foods Ht216:11:00
R8 Ja Catering & Functions16:31:00
R9 Ballarat Volkswagon (0-2 Wins)16:51:00
R10 Eureka Concrete Ht317:07:00
R11 Download The New Watchdog App17:31:00
R12 Bottle-o17:54:00


R1 Surepick11:32:00
R2 Synectic Devonport11:51:00
R3 Great Northern Super Crisp12:07:00
R4 Great Northern Super Crisp12:27:00
R5 Great Northern Super Crisp12:49:00
R6 Great Northern Super Crisp13:17:00
R7 Great Northern Super Crisp13:37:00
R8 Tasracing - Data Driven14:04:00
R9 Great Northern Super Crisp14:27:00
R10 Simon's Carpet One14:54:00


R1 Beckley Centre Club Fundraising15:39:00
R2 Weddermoor Plumbing & Gas16:02:00
R3 Viatek Technology (1-2 Wins) No.116:24:00
R4 Tts Electrics (maiden < 3 Starts)16:41:00
R5 Parker Pumps (1-3 Wins)17:00:00
R6 Merv Jennings Signs No.117:18:00
R7 The Beckley Centre Geelong No.117:36:00
R8 Nardi Produce No.217:54:00
R9 Tab Multiplier (1-2 Wins) No.218:09:00
R10 Weddermoor Plumbing & Gas No.218:24:00
R11 Pet No.318:44:00
R12 Burns Archer Realty No.419:08:00


R1 Jenko's Concreting Maiden18:27:00
R2 Byrne Pipe & Civil Maiden18:50:00
R3 D & L Joinery Stakes19:11:00
R4 Dj & Dm Wallis Transport Stakes19:28:00
R5 Over The Line Racing Stakes19:52:00
R6 Bay Hotel @ Bonnells Bay Stakes20:11:00
R7 Tumbi Sando Soil & Gravel Supplies Stakes20:35:00
R8 Dng Metal Roofing Stakes20:57:00
R9 Sl & Cs Promotions Charmhaven Stks21:16:00
R10 Affordable Coastal Driveways Stakes21:37:00


R1 Red Tv Maiden12:03:00
R2 Ladbrokes Novice Heat 112:18:00
R3 Ladbrokes Novice Heat 212:42:00
R4 Mellcat Cleaning Stakes13:09:00
R5 Ladbrokes Novice Heat 313:27:00
R6 Goulburn Workers Club Stakes13:52:00
R7 Ladbrokes Novice Heat 414:19:00
R8 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes14:44:00
R9 Ladbrokes Cash In Stakes15:04:00


R1 Anzac Day 201919:10:00
R2 Dawn Service19:34:00
R3 Two Up Stakes19:55:00
R4 Anzac Memorial20:19:00
R5 Last Post20:40:00
R6 Lest We Forget21:04:00
R7 Gallipoli Stakes21:25:00
R8 Day Of Remembrance21:49:00
R9 Spirit Of The Anzacs22:09:00
R10 Remembering The Anzacs22:25:00


R1 Crymelon Kennels (3+starts) (250+rank)14:47:00
R2 Greyhound Adoption Program15:07:00
R3 Wilkie Couriers Pty Ltd15:22:00
R4 Chs Group (1-3 Wins) (250+rank)15:42:00
R5 Cec Hopper & Sons (250+rank)15:57:00
R6 Wimmera Aquatrail16:17:00
R7 3wm/mixxfm (1-3 Wins)16:37:00
R8 On-site Engineering16:52:00
R9 (1-3 Wins) (250+rank)17:11:00
R10 Download The New Watchdog App17:32:00
R11 The Weekly Advertiser (250+rank)17:48:00


R1 Greyhound Adoption Program15:15:00
R2 Sky Racing15:34:00
R3 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com15:49:00
R4 Alpha 390 Finance16:09:00
R5 Dover & Sons16:27:00
R6 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com16:44:00
R7 Just Greyhound Photos17:03:00
R8 Gj Walsh & Co17:24:00
R9 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com17:40:00
R10 Greyhound Of Year 2011 - Spring Rose17:58:00


R1 Tattersall's Hotel Casino Mdn18:18:00
R2 Ivan's Camper Trailers Stakes18:38:00
R3 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stakes18:59:00
R4 1-3 Win Series Heat 119:22:00
R5 1-3 Win Series Heat 219:41:00
R6 Ladbrokes Park Lismore Stks20:05:00
R7 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes20:25:00
R8 The Northern Star Stakes20:47:00
R9 Duke's Ladbrokes Preview Stks21:10:00
R10 Gold Muzzle Auction June 23 Stks21:30:00


R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park19:38:00
R2 Sign Strategy Call Phil19:58:00
R3 Essential Refrigeration Services20:22:00
R4 Track Fashion20:44:00
R5 Giddy Up Quaddie Time21:07:00
R6 A1 Salvage & Hardware21:27:00
R7 Mandurah Stockfeeds21:45:00
R8 Accell Therapy22:07:00
R9 Mandurah Mail22:22:00
R10 Skyracing.tv22:37:00
R11 Better Your Bet With Tabtouch22:57:00

Murray Bridge

R1 M.b. Village Butchers Maiden Stake12:27:00
R2 Daish Irrigation And Fodder Stake12:42:00
R3 Metro Roller Doors Stake12:57:00
R4 Tabcorp Stake13:22:00
R5 Murray Bridge Community Club Stake13:42:00
R6 Rural City Of Murray Bridge Stake13:57:00
R7 Kurt Donsberg Photography Stake14:17:00
R8 Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Mixed Stake14:37:00
R9 Stake14:52:00


R1 Ladbrokes Maiden Heat 115:04:00
R2 Sires On Ice Maiden Heat 215:19:00
R3 Bess Electrical Maiden Ht 315:39:00
R4 Ladbrokes Cash In Ht115:57:00
R5 Steeline Riverstone Heat 216:14:00
R6 Castlewood Kitchens Ht 316:34:00
R8 Gap Adoption Day @ Wp 28/417:17:00
R9 Duke's Ladbrokes Previews Ht417:37:00
R10 Kevin Waters Towing Ht517:57:00
R11 Wentworthville Leagues Club Stks18:12:00


R1 Sandal Welding18:31:00
R2 Dinki Di Web Design18:50:00
R3 Newsxpress19:09:00
R4 Rocky Feed & Seed19:29:00
R5 Wendy Mulry Travel19:48:00
R6 Garrard's Horse And Hound20:15:00
R7 Dynamic Electrical20:39:00
R8 Anzac Day Trophy21:01:00
R9 Diplock's Collision Repair Centre21:19:00
R10 Patlaw Securities21:39:00


R1 Tab Multiplier (max. 6 Dogs)11:24:00
R2 Gv's Hit 96.9 (max. 6 Dogs)11:44:00
R3 Shepparton News (1-3 Wins)11:59:00
R4 Manish Gupta Accountants12:19:00
R5 Shepparton To Meadows Ht112:34:00
R7 Grv Vic Bred (1-4 Wins) Series (vicgreys)13:14:00
R8 Everything Goulburn Valley Triple M13:34:00
R9 Shepparton To Meadows Ht213:49:00
R10 Hit Fm Hits And Old School14:09:00
R11 Elite Collars & Leads14:24:00
R12 Racers Function Centre14:44:00


R1 Greyhound Adoption Program18:41:00
R2 Gsa Building Services19:05:00
R3 Ryans Plastering19:25:00
R4 Taylor Family19:44:00
R5 Lounds Fresh Seafoods20:08:00
R6 Tgrc Gallipoli Cup20:28:00
R7 Tgrc20:54:00
R8 Angliss Meats Townsville21:09:00
R9 T.g.b.o.t.a21:33:00
R10 A & A Cladding21:54:00
R11 Innovative Floors22:11:00
R12 Bohle Hotel Motel22:29:00


R1 Download The New Watchdog App18:15:00
R2 Warragul Toyota18:35:00
R3 Parnassus Steakhouse18:53:00
R4 Spolly's Syndications19:14:00
R5 Wwr Sawdust Final (1-4 Wins) (vicgreys)19:35:00
R6 Blue Stream Pictures19:55:00
R7 Morland's Meats (2-4 Wins)20:14:00
R8 East Ivanhoe Grocers20:38:00
R9 Top Run Images Veterans (vicgreys)21:00:00
R10 Australian Quality Pet Foods21:24:00
R11 Luca Neveelk@stud21:41:00

Wentworth Park

R1 Ladbrokes Multimaker 1-2 Wins Stakes18:39:00
R2 Lest We Forget Stakes19:04:00
R3 Duke's Ladbrokes Previews Stakes19:23:00
R4 Anzac Roy Dockery Stakes19:42:00
R5 Gosford To Wp Final20:04:00
R6 Wp On Facebook Stakes20:23:00
R7 Ladbrokes Oods Boost Stakes20:42:00
R8 Stakes21:07:00
R9 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes21:27:00
R10 Ted's Lounge @ Wp Stakes21:49:00