Albion Park

R1 Marburg Hotel16:22:00
R1 Ubet Tappy18:17:00
R2 Brisgreys On Instagram16:47:00
R2 Marburg Hotel18:38:00
R3 Garrard's Horse And Hound17:07:00
R3 Garrard's Horse And Hound19:01:00
R4 Thirty Talks @ Stud17:26:00
R4 Thirty Talks @ Stud19:25:00
R5 Aspley Leagues Club19:50:00
R5 Twitter @ Brisgreys17:47:00
R6 Expat Lodge Boarding Kennels18:14:00
R6 Expat Lodge Boarding Kennels20:08:00
R7 Box 1 Photography18:34:00
R7 Box 1 Photography20:32:00
R8 Greyhound Adoption Program18:59:00
R8 Greyhound Adoption Program20:57:00
R9 Fabregas @ Meticulous Lodge19:24:00
R9 Fabregas @ Meticulous Lodge21:18:00
R10 The Manly Hotel21:37:00
R10 Zillmere Sports19:45:00
R11 Aspley Leagues Club20:04:00
R12 Brisgreys.com20:24:00

Angle Park

R1 Warradale Tab (n/p) Mixed Stake17:02:00
R2 Findon Tab Maiden Stake17:19:00
R3 Nailsworth Tab Stake17:37:00
R4 Daw Park Tab (0-4 Wins N/p)17:59:00
R5 All New Kilkenny Tab Stake18:20:00
R6 All New Gawler Place Tab18:45:00
R7 All New Hindley St Tab19:04:00
R8 2018 Sa Agents X-mas Party19:28:00
R9 Magill Tab Mixed Stake19:53:00
R10 Ingle Farm Tab (n/p) Stake20:15:00


R1 Sires On Ice (275+rank)13:59:00
R2 Gap (275+rank)14:14:00
R3 A1 Signage (275+rank)14:34:00
R4 Bottle-o (275+rank)14:59:00
R5 Eureaka Concrete (275+rank)15:09:00
R6 Aussie Infrared @ Stud (275+rank)15:24:00
R7 Vw Caddy Runner (275+rank)15:44:00
R8 R & J Batteries (275+rank)15:59:00
R9 Backmans Pet Foods (275+rank)16:19:00
R10 Just Copiers (275+rank)16:39:00
R11 Ja Catering & Functions (275+rank)16:59:00
R12 Free Entry Every Meeting (275+rank)17:16:00


R1 Dukes Ladbrokes Previews Maiden14:00:00
R2 Temora To Bathurst Final14:22:00
R3 Ladbrokes Daily Video Heat 114:42:00
R4 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Stake14:57:00
R5 Bathurst Rsl Club Stakes15:17:00
R6 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Heat 115:32:00
R7 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes15:52:00
R8 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Heat 216:07:00
R9 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Masters16:27:00
R10 Ladbrokes Daily Video Heat 216:47:00
R11 Ladbrokes Daily Video Heat 317:10:00


R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park19:44:00
R1 Free Entry Tabtouch Park20:12:00
R2 Try The Chef's Special20:02:00
R2 Try The Chef's Special20:32:00
R3 Accell Therapy20:24:00
R3 Property Plus Real Estate20:55:00
R4 Fireworks Here On New Years Eve20:48:00
R4 Kids Activities On New Years Eve21:13:00
R5 Fuller Fitness21:07:00
R5 Sully's Painting21:30:00
R6 Christmas Buffet On Saturday21:29:00
R6 Tabtouch Better Your Bet21:49:00
R7 Greyhound Gold22:07:00
R7 Property Plus Real Estate21:45:00
R8 Fireworks On New Years Eve22:22:00
R8 Kids Activities On New Years Eve22:06:00
R9 Racing Here Monday Wednesday Saturday22:22:00
R9 Sign Strategy Call Phil22:42:00
R10 Fuller Fitness22:57:00
R11 Live Band On News Years Eve23:17:00
R11 Sign Strategy Call Phil23:06:00
R12 Don't Be Silly Call Sully23:27:00
R12 Giddy-up23:42:00


R1 True Plastering - Free Quotes17:12:00
R2 Spollys Syndications (1-3 Wins)17:34:00
R3 At Cranbourne - Greyhounds Are Our Life17:54:00
R4 Backmans Pet Foods (veterans)18:12:00
R5 Grv Vic Bred Maiden Series Final (vicgreys)18:35:00
R6 Winning Post Supplies18:57:00
R7 Casey Steel19:18:00
R8 Ram Locksmith Final (vicgreys)19:41:00
R9 Tab Multiplier19:57:00
R10 Check Our Facebook Page20:21:00
R11 Top Cat Video20:42:00
R12 Rapidvite Animal Products21:04:00


R1 Ubet Dash Division119:27:00
R2 Cub Dash Division119:54:00
R3 Clarke Constructions Dash18:49:00
R4 Nightcliff Sports And Social19:09:00
R5 Ladbrokes Christmas Cup Best 819:34:00
R6 Nt.Gov.Au Dash Division121:22:00
R7 Sba Office National Dash21:42:00
R8 Sage Contracting Dash Division122:02:00
R9 Garrard's Horse And Hound Dash20:52:00


R1 The Advocate10:32:00
R2 Ulverstone Pet Foods10:51:00
R3 Ulverstone Pet Foods11:07:00
R4 Ulverstone Pet Foods11:26:00
R5 Ulverstone Pet Foods11:47:00
R6 Containers & Domestic Freight12:07:00
R7 Freight Connections12:22:00
R8 Simon's Design Centre12:49:00
R9 Dowling Mccarthy Tyres13:09:00


R1 The Bunyip Maiden Stake10:40:00
R1 The Bunyip Mixed Stake16:32:00
R2 201816:54:00
R2 Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Maiden Stake10:59:00
R3 Gawler Dry Cleaners Maiden Stake17:14:00
R3 Gawler Dry Cleaners Maiden Stake11:15:00
R4 Nixon's Function Centre Mixed Stake11:33:00
R4 Nixon's Function Centre Stake17:37:00
R5 Christopher Graham Graduation Stake11:54:00
R5 Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Stake17:54:00
R6 Accell Therapy12:14:00
R6 Accell Therapy Stake18:17:00
R7 Secure Racing Logistics12:34:00
R7 Secure Racing Logistics Stake18:42:00
R8 Giddy-up (queens) Stake19:02:00
R8 Giddy-up Open Stake12:57:00
R9 The Bunyip Open Stake19:27:00
R9 The Bunyip Stake13:17:00
R10 Gawler Dry Cleaners Stake19:49:00
R10 Gawler Dry Cleaners Stake13:42:00
R11 Nixon's Function Centre Mixed Stake14:09:00


R1 Come & Join Bingo @ Beckley Each Thurs.13:32:00
R2 Viatek Technology13:49:00
R3 Beckley Centre Club Fundraising14:06:00
R4 Millers Muzzles14:24:00
R5 Weddermoor Plumbing & Gas14:41:00
R6 Burns Archer Realty15:01:00
R7 Beckley Park Community Market15:24:00
R8 Nardi Produce15:44:00
R9 Tts Electrics16:02:00
R10 Jims Mowing - Geelong16:22:00
R11 Become A Beckley Centre Member In 201916:45:00
R12 Country Link Rural Supplies Lara17:04:00


R1 Ettalong Diggers Stakes17:27:00
R2 Brisbane Waters Private Hospital Stakaes17:48:00
R3 Edwards Butchery Stakes18:08:00
R4 Blackwall Tyres Stakes18:28:00
R5 Ladbrokes Goldmine Final18:48:00
R6 Merry Xmas From Woy Woy Rugby Stks19:08:00
R7 Kings Property Maintenance Stakes19:28:00
R8 Telstra Shop Woy Woy Stakes19:48:00
R9 Coastal Asphalt Stakes20:08:00
R10 Kevin's Race Stakes20:28:00
R11 Ettalong Diggers Thankyou Stakes20:52:00


R1 Red Tv Productions Maiden10:27:00
R2 Ladbrokes Heat 110:44:00
R3 Ladbrokes Heat 211:03:00
R4 Ladbrokes Heat 311:19:00
R5 Ladbrokes Heat 411:36:00
R6 Goulburn On Facebook Stakes11:51:00
R7 Ladbrokes Novice Series Final12:10:00
R8 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes12:28:00
R9 Grnsw Masters Stakes12:46:00
R10 Mellcat Cleaning Sprint Stakes13:06:00
R11 Ladbrokes Cash Out Stakes13:28:00


R1 Village Green Hotel Stakes17:22:00
R2 Ladbrokes Maiden17:45:00
R3 Sticks Tradelink Stakes18:02:00
R4 Clarence Valley Sheds Stks18:23:00
R5 Ladbrokes Red Dog Versatility Ht118:48:00
R6 Gdsc Stakes19:07:00
R7 Grafton Grc 0-1w Stakes19:31:00
R8 Ladbrokes Red Dog Versatility Ht219:56:00
R9 Thirty Talks @ Stud 0-1w Stks20:18:00
R10 Georges Tree Services Pathways Stks20:37:00
R11 Ladbrokes Multimaker Stakes21:01:00


R2 Top Cat Video Productions11:12:00
R3 Silver Eagle Outfitters (1-2 Wins) No.111:30:00
R4 Gap (1-2 Wins) No.211:47:00
R5 Straights Functions & Events No.112:05:00
R6 Smith & Calder Sign Co No.112:22:00
R7 Tab Multiplier (1-2 Wins)12:57:00
R8 Yarra Valley Meat Supplies No.212:57:00
R9 Yarra Valley Travel Centre (1-2 W) No.313:15:00
R10 Like Grv On Facebook No.213:32:00


R1 Crymelon Kennels14:17:00
R2 Wimmera Aquatrail (0-1 Win)14:37:00
R3 Greyhound Adoption Program14:52:00
R4 3wm/mixx Fm Ht115:12:00
R5 Chs Group (1-4 Wins)15:27:00
R6 Grv Vic Bred Series (1-4 Wins) Final (vicgreys)15:47:00
R7 The Weekly Advertiser16:06:00
R8 Wilkie Couriers Pty Ltd16:29:00
R9 Topcat Video Ht216:49:00
R10 On-site Engineering Ht317:07:00
R11 Racing Here Thursday Ht417:24:00


R1 Greyhound Adoption Program14:27:00
R2 Sky Racing14:44:00
R3 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com15:04:00
R4 Alpha 390 Finance15:19:00
R5 Christmas Decorations15:39:00
R6 Candy Canes15:54:00
R7 Jingle Bells16:14:00
R8 Christmas Tree16:37:00
R9 Mistletoe16:57:00
R10 Away In A Manger17:21:00


R1 A Total Car Rentals18:05:00
R2 Kingsley Jarman Fencing18:29:00
R3 Furniture City18:51:00
R4 Tasracing Data Driven19:15:00
R5 Simon's Carpet One19:34:00
R6 Rapidvite Industries19:59:00
R7 Go Racing Tasmania20:21:00
R8 Launceston Cup Heats 11 Feb20:45:00
R9 Gap Tasmania21:04:00
R10 Sky Racing Centre21:24:00


R1 Tattersalls Hotel Casino Stakes17:18:00
R2 Ivan's Camper Trailers Masters Stakes17:41:00
R3 The Northern Star Stakes18:00:00
R4 Merry Xmas From Ladbrokes Park Stakes18:18:00
R5 Ladbrokes Maiden Series Consolation Final18:38:00
R6 Ladbrokes Park Lismore Stakes18:58:00
R7 Ladbrokes Maiden Series Final19:18:00
R8 Ladbrokes Monthly Medal Stakes19:38:00
R9 Ladbrokes Daily Video Stakes19:58:00
R10 Ladbrokes Greyhound Previews Stakes20:18:00


R1 $29 Tuesday Buffet19:32:00
R2 Better Your Bet With Tabtouch19:52:00
R3 Merry Christmas From Greyhoundswa20:12:00
R4 Sign Strategy Call Phil20:35:00
R5 Giddy Up20:56:00
R6 Mandurah Stockfeeds21:12:00
R7 A1 Salvage & Hardware21:37:00
R9 Essential Refrigeration Services22:15:00
R10 Accell Therapy22:37:00
R11 Mandurah Mail22:56:00

Mount Gambier

R12 The Santa Sprint14:34:00


R1 Shoalhaven Adoption Program Maiden16:35:00
R2 Shoalhaven Shuttle Stakes16:55:00
R3 Nowra City Holden Stakes17:13:00
R4 Ladbrokes Back Yourself Stakes17:30:00
R5 Bechini & Associates Sprint Stakes17:48:00
R6 Ladbrokes Christmas Cup Heat18:08:00
R7 Premium Tyre Service Nowra Stakes18:32:00
R8 Ladbrokes Odds Boost Stakes18:54:00
R9 Douglas Transport Nowra Stakes19:18:00
R10 Dunn & Williams Air Conditioning Stakes19:37:00


R1 James Yeates Printing & Design16:19:00
R2 Wrt Christmas Party16:39:00
R3 Dunkley's Machinery (1-3 Wins)16:57:00
R4 Trfm Gippsland Carnival Launch Ht117:22:00
R5 98.3 Gold Fm Sale Cup Ht117:44:00
R6 98.3 Gold Fm Sale Cup Ht218:07:00
R7 Trfm Gippsland Carnival Launch Ht218:27:00
R8 98.3 Gold Fm Sale Cup Ht318:52:00
R9 G. J. Gardner Homes Final (vicgreys)19:17:00
R10 Trfm Gippsland Carnival Launch Ht319:37:00
R11 Trfm Gippsland Carnival Launch Ht420:00:00
R12 Sale Royalfreemason Aged Care20:16:00

Sandown Park

R6 Rsn927 - Racing & Sport14:02:00
R7 Laurels S/f214:22:00
R8 Laurels S/f314:37:00
R9 Greyhound Adoption Program14:54:00
R10 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht115:17:00
R11 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht215:37:00
R12 Grv Vic Bred Series Ht316:02:00


R1 Dr Zoe Returns 9th Jan17:34:00
R2 Mierlo Cafe17:51:00
R3 Gv's Hit 96.918:14:00
R4 Manish Gupta Accountants18:35:00
R5 Commercial Hotel - Mansfield (2-3 Wins)18:58:00
R7 Byers Electrical (1-3 Wins)19:47:00
R8 Tungamah Hotel20:05:00
R9 Netfind Pty Ltd20:28:00
R10 Ckh Painting (2-3 Wins)20:54:00
R11 Shepparton News21:15:00
R12 Free Entry @ The Dogs21:32:00

The Meadows

R1 Christmas At The Meadows Ht110:55:00
R2 Feikuai Greyhounds Ht211:17:00
R3 Tsols Tips Syndications Ht311:34:00
R4 Silver Chief Heats Saturday 22/1211:52:00
R5 Sequential Property Services12:09:00
R6 Rsn - Racing & Sport Final12:34:00
R7 Sky Racing (250+ Rank) Ht112:49:00
R8 Meadows Conference & Events Centre13:09:00
R9 Tab Multiplier (250+ Rank) Ht213:24:00
R10 Home Of 9 Group 1's13:48:00
R11 Topcat Video (250+ Rank) Ht314:04:00


R1 Adopt A Greyhound18:25:00
R2 Angliss Meats Townsville18:45:00
R3 Pearl Olsen19:05:00
R4 Rob Lawdorn19:25:00
R5 Rachel & Emily Thompson19:45:00
R6 Townsville Vegas Nights20:05:00
R7 Lounds Fresh Seafoods Tgrc Anniversary Trophy20:25:00
R8 Nathan Richards20:44:00
R9 All Rig Lifting & Engineering21:07:00
R10 Jessica Parry21:30:00


R1 Spolly's Syndications17:15:00
R2 Australian Quality Pet Foods17:39:00
R3 Warragul Toyota Cup 12/1/1817:57:00
R4 Parnassus Steakhouse Final (vicgreys)18:15:00
R5 Blue Stream Pictures (2-4 Wins)18:35:00
R6 East Ivanhoe Grocers18:55:00
R7 Top Run Images19:15:00
R8 Warragul Calcutta 4/1/1819:35:00
R9 Luca Neveelk@stud19:58:00
R10 Wwr Sawdust20:18:00
R11 Morland's Meats20:38:00
R12 Trfm Gippsland Cups Carnival21:00:00