Race results for Adhara Steel

Date Racecourse Race Number Result Odds
2019-04-18Albion ParkR10 Fabregas @ Meticulous Lodge22.00
2019-04-11Albion ParkR4 Zillmere Sports Club74th9.50
2019-04-04Albion ParkR4 Box 1 Photography813.00
2019-03-28Albion ParkR6 Expat Lodge24th18.00
2019-03-21Albion ParkR7 Expat Lodge23rd2.60
2019-03-14Albion ParkR5 Marburg Hotel411.00
2019-03-07Albion ParkR8 Expat Lodge84th15.00
2019-02-28Albion ParkR8 Peter Ruetschi Memorial Trophy212.00
2019-02-18Albion ParkR5 Box 1 Photography24th2.70
2019-02-14Albion ParkR8 Greyhound Adoption Program326.00
2019-02-07Albion ParkR7 Greyhound Adoption Program81st4.80
2019-01-31Albion ParkR5 Marburg Hotel11st2.50
2019-01-24Albion ParkR9 Greyhound Adoption Program619.00
2019-01-17Albion ParkR5 Thirty Talks @ Stud67.00
2019-01-13CapalabaR8 Shane Murphy Painting57.50
2019-01-10Albion ParkR3 Sky Racing21st1.85
2019-01-06CapalabaR7 Jeffery Jones Celebration Of Life12nd3.40
2019-01-03Albion ParkR12 Marburg Hotel63rd6.50
2018-12-27Albion ParkR9 Twitter @ Brisgreys431.00
2018-12-20Albion ParkR7 Box 1 Photography86.50
2018-12-16CapalabaR8 Swan Plumbing Capalaba712.00
2018-12-09CapalabaR7 Don Brown81st5.00
2018-10-18Albion ParkR9 Greyhound Adoption Program88.50
2018-10-04Albion ParkR9 Expat Lodge Boarding Kennels7Unplaced8.50
2018-09-27Albion ParkR7 Carina Leagues Club434.00
2018-09-20Albion ParkR9 Adopt A Greyhound415.00
2018-09-13Albion ParkR9 Twitter @ Brisgreys83rd17.00
2018-09-04LismoreR6 Million Dollar Chase Heat 388.50
2018-08-30Albion ParkR7 Fabregas @ Meticulous Lodge61st14.00
2018-08-23Albion ParkR3 Thirty Talks @ Stud41st9.50
2018-08-16Albion ParkR4 Cnw Electrical Wholesale9Scratched7.00
2018-08-16Albion ParkR3 Thirty Talks @ Stud9Scratched2.60
2018-08-09Albion ParkR11 Brisgreys.com54th3.00
2018-08-02Albion ParkR5 Wiggles Tail-waggers Derby10Scratched5.50
2018-08-02Albion ParkR4 Thirty Talks @ Stud10Scratched5.50
2018-07-15Albion ParkR5 Twitter @brisgreys75.50
2018-06-28Albion ParkR11 Expat Lodge Boarding Kennels88.00
2018-06-21Albion ParkR10 Twitter @brisgreys54th7.50
2018-06-14Albion ParkR4 Ubet - Visit Ubet.com12nd3.10
2018-06-11Albion ParkR7 Sky Racing33rd2.30
2018-06-04Albion ParkR7 Sky Racing12nd2.40
2018-05-28Albion ParkR7 Sky Racing11st2.50
2018-05-17Albion ParkR3 Garrard's Horse And Hound13.40
2018-05-10Albion ParkR9 Sky Racing24th4.80
2018-05-02RockhamptonR8 Rockhampton Cup (final)/class 6/51010ScratchedSP
2018-05-02RockhamptonR6 Dan Saville5ScratchedSP
2018-04-25RockhamptonR7 Rockhampton Cup Rok 510 (heat)/class 6/51012nd3.90
2018-04-19Albion ParkR11 Ubet - The New Tab12nd4.20
2018-04-12Albion ParkR9 Twitter @ Brisgreys811.00
2018-04-05Albion ParkR9 Twitter @ Brisgreys27.00
2018-03-29Albion ParkR6 Easter Trophy Bne 520 (final)/class 1/52074th26.00
2018-03-22Albion ParkR4 Easter Trophy Bne 520 (heat)/class 1/52031st8.00
2018-03-10IpswichR7 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com12.30
2018-03-06IpswichR6 Trembath Tyre Repairs22nd1.75
2018-02-28Albion ParkR7 Box 1 Photography51st8.00
2018-02-14Albion ParkR7 Ubet - Download The App8UnplacedSP
2018-02-07Albion ParkR5 Fats Pardey Memorial62nd3.00
2018-01-30LismoreR5 Ladbrokes Info Hub Stakes22.90
2017-12-21Albion ParkR6 Christmas Stocking (final)/class 1/520106.00
2017-12-14Albion ParkR7 Christmas Stocking (heat)/class 1/52082nd2.50
2017-12-07Albion ParkR8 Sky Racing767.00
2017-11-30Albion ParkR6 Brisbane Cup Bne 520 (g1) (heat)/class 1/52082nd61.00
2017-11-23Albion ParkR8 Sky Racing31st23.00
2017-11-16Albion ParkR4 Box 1 Photography71st15.00
2017-10-28IpswichR8 Gj Walsh & Co89.00
2017-10-23Albion ParkR8 Scott Guthrie46.50
2017-10-16Albion ParkR6 Garrard's Horse And Hound71st3.30
2017-10-12Albion ParkR9 Aspley Leagues Club13rd1.95
2017-10-06IpswichR8 John Young Memorial Ips 520 (final)/class 3/52044th10.00
2017-09-29IpswichR5 John Young Memorial Ips 520 (heat)/class 3/52083rd3.50
2017-09-16IpswichR7 Golden View Greyhound Complex3ScratchedSP
2017-09-09IpswichR7 Past Members Memorial Trophy41st3.40
2017-09-05IpswichR8 C2c Constructions46.50
2017-08-20Albion ParkR9 Brisgreys.com11st1.65
2017-08-13Albion ParkR10 Ubet - The New Tab82nd2.25
2017-07-26Albion ParkR8 Box 1 Photography39.00
2017-07-09Albion ParkR6 Clint's Caravan Warehouse33.90
2017-07-03Albion ParkR9 Ubet - The New Tab61st2.70
2017-06-28Albion ParkR8 Box 1 Photography11st3.90
2017-06-21Albion ParkR9 Brisgreys.com82.50
2017-06-18Albion ParkR7 Sky Racing12nd2.30
2017-06-11Albion ParkR9 Brisgreys.com81st2.45
2017-05-26IpswichR6 Golden View Greyhound Complex34th2.05
2017-05-12IpswichR9 Gentablue Pet Food33rd3.50
2017-05-02IpswichR5 Trembath Tyre Repairs41st4.00
2017-04-23Albion ParkR5 Box 1 Photography42.90
2017-04-16Albion ParkR6 Box 1 Photography42nd3.00
2017-04-12Albion ParkR7 Twitter @brisgreys63rd4.60
2017-04-05Albion ParkR5 Clint's Caravan Warehouse41st2.70
2017-03-31IpswichR8 Gj Walsh & Co3ScratchedSP
2017-03-17IpswichR7 Www.ipswichgreyhounds.com52.80
2017-03-08Albion ParkR9 Sulzanti @ Stud61st3.70
2017-03-01Albion ParkR5 Clint's Caravan Warehouse31st12.00