Race results for Blackwater Girl

Date Racecourse Race Number Result Odds
2019-06-28GawlerR12 G-six Secure Racing Logistics Stake2UnplacedSP
2019-06-12Angle ParkR9 G-six Gap Sa Stake57.50
2019-05-15Angle ParkR10 G-six Accell Therapy Stake23.20
2019-05-10GawlerR2 G-six Gawler Dry Cleaners Stake21st1.85
2019-04-26GawlerR4 Nixon's Function Centre Stake2ScratchedSP
2019-04-15Angle ParkR6 Bgc Industrial Cleaning Supplies Stake21st3.60
2019-04-09GawlerR11 Nixon's Function Centre (1-4 Wins N/p) Stake21st5.50
2019-04-05GawlerR6 Secure Racing Logistics12nd16.00
2019-03-31GawlerR4 Nixon's Function Centre43rd19.00
2019-03-22GawlerR3 Nixon's Function Centre Stake83rd4.40
2019-03-12GawlerR10 Gawler Dry Cleaners (1-4 Wins N/p) Stake73rd3.80
2019-03-04Angle ParkR11 Follow Thedogssa On Twitter Stake112.00
2019-02-26GawlerR4 Greyhound Adoption Program Sa Stake51st4.00
2019-02-12GawlerR4 Greyhound Adoption Program Sa (1-4 Wins N/p) Stake613.00
2019-02-01GawlerR3 The Bunyip (1 Win) Stake24th7.50
2019-01-29GawlerR6 Secure Racing Logistics (n/p) Stake44th6.50
2019-01-22GawlerR3 Nixon's Function Centre Stake24th4.00
2019-01-14Angle ParkR10 Cinderella's Commercial Cleaning Stake42nd5.00
2019-01-08GawlerR3 Winning Formula12nd4.00
2019-01-01GawlerR2 Winning Formula81st3.00
2018-12-28GawlerR1 The Bunyip Maiden Stake32nd11.00
2018-11-07GeelongR2 Burns Archer Realty86.50
2018-10-30BendigoR2 Chasers Function Centre313.00
2018-10-15SheppartonR1 Finer Fruits16.00
2018-10-08SheppartonR1 Free Entry @ The Dogs83rd5.50
2018-10-03BendigoR2 Bendigo Advertiser12nd7.50
2018-09-25GeelongR2 P & R Food Services52nd26.00
2018-09-19BendigoR9 Goldfields Catering517.00
2018-09-10BallaratR2 A1 Signage89.00
2018-08-31HealesvilleR4 Supporting R.c.h. Good Friday Appeal23.90
2018-08-27SheppartonR3 S.t.y Fencing42nd19.00
2018-08-24HealesvilleR1 Racing Here Every Friday (250+rank)62nd8.00
2018-08-17HealesvilleR1 Racing Here Every Friday (275+rank)10ScratchedSP
2018-08-10HealesvilleR1 Racing Here Every Friday (250+rank)104th26.00
2018-07-13BendigoR1 Mannings Greyhound Complex210.00
2018-07-09SheppartonR2 Graincorp (300+ Rank)319.00
2018-06-28BallaratR1 Greyhound Adoption Program (325+ Rank)65.50
2018-06-22BendigoR4 Grv Vic Bred Maiden Series Ht4546.00
2018-06-20BendigoR2 Mcivor Rd Veterinary Clinic9ScratchedSP
2018-06-14BendigoR11 Chasers Function Centre34th6.00
2018-05-28SheppartonR1 Manish Gupta Accountants (300+ Rank)214.00
2018-05-21SheppartonR11 Ckh Painting22nd8.00
2018-05-14SheppartonR2 Manish Gupta Accountants65.00
2018-05-07BallaratR1 Just Copiers (350+rank)12nd7.00
2018-05-01HorshamR3 Crymelon Kennels Ht3215.00
2018-04-20BendigoR1 Jarrod Larkin Conrcreting10ScratchedSP