Race results for Hairy Garry

Date Racecourse Race Number Result Odds
2014-06-23NowraR6 Shoalhaven Shuttle Stakes826.00
2014-05-12NowraR10 Moto Parts On The Move Stakes10Scratched1.00
2014-05-06GoulburnR9 Cystic Fibrosis Sprint426.00
2014-04-01GoulburnR7 Nsw Tab Gr5 Sprint321.00
2014-03-30CanberraR7 Oaks Road At Stud Gr4/5 Sprint10Scratched1.00
2014-03-23CanberraR10 Port Container Services Gr4/5417.00
2014-03-19BulliR3 Sportingbet Gr4/5 Ht2434.00
2014-03-16CanberraR8 Port Container Svs Gr5 Fnl10Scratched1.00
2014-03-09CanberraR9 Port Container Svs64th13.00
2014-03-04GoulburnR6 Goulburn Workers Club13rd10.00
2014-03-02CanberraR7 Agh Demolition Stake8Scratched1.00
2014-02-25GoulburnR5 Greyhounds As Pets Sprint84th17.00
2014-02-23CanberraR4 B.firm Fitness Dash Stk110.00
2014-02-19RichmondR10 Sires On Ice Best 8 Stakes726.00
2014-02-11GoulburnR2 Bookies.com.au Sprint12nd13.00
2014-02-09CanberraR10 Buck Fever At Stud Sprint526.00
2014-02-04GoulburnR5 Bookies.com.au Stakes27.00
2014-02-02CanberraR8 Buck Fever @ Stud Sprint9Scratched1.00
2014-01-27Wentworth ParkR10 Bohemia Cryustal (1 Win) Stakes313.00
2014-01-20NowraR10 Douglas Transport Nowra Stakes617.00
2014-01-19CanberraR5 Oaks Road @ Stud Sprint12nd13.00
2014-01-13Wentworth ParkR2 Betfair Stks10ScratchedSP
2014-01-01RichmondR6 Starr Kennels Stakes111.00
2013-12-30NowraR6 Jason Lymbery Bobcat & Tipper Stakes415.00
2013-12-28RichmondR1 Buttsworth Industrial Supplies Stks10Scratched1.00
2013-12-18RichmondR3 Kevin Waters Towing Stks64th34.00
2013-12-11BulliR1 Merry Christmas To All Stks526.00
2013-11-27BulliR2 Www.ranvet.com.au Stks6ScratchedSP
2013-11-25Wentworth ParkR4 Betfair Blue Paws Heat 41026.00
2013-10-17MaitlandR9 The Sign Place Stakes426.00
2013-10-14GraftonR7 Carters Canine Capers Stakes326.00
2013-09-26GraftonR1 Cetnaj Electrical Stakes10ScratchedSP
2013-04-25WarragulR10 Meticulous Lodge7SP
2013-04-20TraralgonR10 R W + A R Inglis Electricians5SP
2013-04-02HealesvilleR12 Lion Car Fridges2SP
2013-03-23TraralgonR12 Gippsland Physiotherapy Group6SP
2013-03-11CranbourneR12 Trios Sports Club9ScratchedSP
2013-03-08TraralgonR10 Printmac Gippsland2ScratchedSP
2013-02-04CranbourneR11 Virbac Animal Health5SP
2013-01-28CranbourneR12 Virbac Animal Health3SP
2013-01-26TraralgonR12 Thanks Pfd21stSP
2013-01-21CranbourneR2 Rapidvite12ndSP
2013-01-14CranbourneR12 Trios Sports Club23rd12.00
2013-01-13HealesvilleR3 Raw Meats Ht210SP
2013-01-07CranbourneR11 Karingal Hub Tab Ht4213.00
2012-12-27WarrnamboolR2 Flying Star (1-2 Wins) Heat 249.00
2012-12-17CranbourneR11 Rapidvite32ndSP
2012-12-10CranbourneR2 Karingal Hub Tab33rdSP
2012-12-03CranbourneR3 Virbac Animal Health84thSP
2012-11-28TraralgonR2 Free Giveaways11stSP
2012-11-18HealesvilleR1 Delta Park Kennels9SP
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